March 5th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Virgo

Mexicali Blues Blog

"Virgo" by Carolyn Quan                                    “Virgo” by Carolyn Quan

Happy full moon in Virgo!  A powerful time of upheaval, challenge, and change, this moon can feel emotionally draining.  We may be tempted to see things clearly defined as black or white, good or bad.  Be mindful and dedicate serious consideration to any situation that pops up where you feel that you are absolutely right and the other party is absolutely wrong (the same goes for the other way around). Virgo’s organizational tendencies make us want to categorize in order to make sense of our experiences, but a quincunx (awkward aspect) between the Moon, Uranus, and Venus can make everything feel a little muddled and confusing right now.  One moment, you’re inspired!  The next, you’re annoyed!  Be flexible, look for synchronicities, and don’t get too locked into any one way of…

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