Design, An organic Life; Summer Entertaining starts with”entertaining ideas”, Organic Styling, creative edible displays

Live a more organic Life; Entertaining Ideas

organic display photography by Diana Serafini

organic display photography by Diana Serafini

Design:Summer Entertaining Edible displays fruit & veggies on display , Create edible displays, centerpieces

Gather: Summer is an ideal time to have a party here or there, Be inspired by Hemmingway’s, wittings including, A Movable Feast, live organically.

Party Planning

Creative Thoughts: Although these organic displays are worthy of the most styled soiree, an evening party or gathering; a simple variation would be ideal for your next backyard, pool, beach or picnic party. Entertain more often, with a creative design that can be cost effective.

Keep it Simple or “Shoot the Moon”, Entertaining party ideas can be simple or elaborate.

Why design your party around  edible displays?  Simple, Fruit & Veggies

  • great for summer themes
  • refreshing in summer heat
  • easy to keep fresh
  • easy to find
  • coast effective
  • adds color, life

Design Ideas: Talented chefs share their artistic ability

Visual Displays: Culinary Creations; Creative Ventures

Weather your a master of culinary tricks or a self taught homemaker; fruits including summer melons and vegetables are on the menu, put them on display.

story & photography by Diana Serafini


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