Style & Design, Creative Spaces. What’s new at IKEA, The idea store.

Style & Design Solutions 

Creative Spaces

What’s new at IKEA, The idea store.

Spring into Summer, Make a move to style your Space, start with IKEA. If your close enough to make a day trip to a showroom, go there.

What to Bring:

Preparation, before I shop I like to take pictures of my space, include notes such as measurements. Better note taking, include a thumbnail sketch of your area.

Tool Preferences:

  • take photos of your space
  • Paper, notepad-flip type, without lines
  • mechanical pencil
  • gummed eraser
  • measuring tool

How to Shop:

Sure we know how to shop, but how can we shop effortlessly and save time and money. Solution, a simple solution stems from planning. Duplicate what you did for your shopping preparation to shop. It is easy.

Other ways to shop:

Scouting trip. Not ready to buy, enjoy a day trip to Ikea, take a leisurely look, have lunch, casually make notes and take pictures.

Before you go: review you local store specials then set the date.

Shopping can be enjoyable. Knowing what your in the market for is helpful; being open to new ideas and/ or planning can make a shopping trip more productive and less stressful.

Shop more stress Less

Style & Design:

Where to shop for ideas and purchase products. Try Ikea. This Swedish brand, specializes in creating spaces casual chic spaces. Your space is small, they are masters at redesigning products to fit, creative solutions.

Shop there showroom or shop from home:

IKEA Showroom

story & photography by Diana Serafini


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