A Mom Story, Service & Duty.”Oh Grow Up”- Life Styling for your Adult Child,Collegiate Studies

Oh Grow Up”- Life Styling for Your Adult Child, Collegiate Studies

[Unedited based on nerve to write/ publish]

story & photos by Diana Serafini

Happy Mother’s Day! Your work is never done ( finished). Sure today is your day; Your one minute is a drop in the bucket. Every day, including today, is about being a lifestyle coach. provider. Now, Your adult child has needs….they include food, shelter, and proper bedding.

Off to the races, College

After my adult child went off to school, college, I asked the usual questions and made general observations. Including, how are you? You look good, are you eating well. After that, you “move in”….not move in, just move forward. How are the things I bought you for you Dorm working out? Are you using that bath mat and shower caddy? Are you clearing your bathroom? I bought you cleaning supplies. Do you know how to use them? I put them in that other caddy.

How are you sleeping?

Is your dorm room hot, cold, or comfortable? Do you need another set of sheets or a blanket? Are you washing your bedding often? You should wash the sheets every week and your blanket bi-weekly. You know your sleeping in a bed of dead skin. Do you need quarters? I have a roll for you? Oh, you don’t use quarters, who knew? Wow, a school card. Okay, Ill give you cash so you can load up that card.

How are your classes?

Are you arriving on time? You know it’s not like high school, there is no bell? Are you paying attention in class? Are you using those the school supplies I bought for you? I included post it notes to help you divide your chapters; that will help when you test. Your only responsible for what is in your assigned chapter. Are you taking “good” notes?

[ Notebook ]

Use a ballpoint pen, it won’t smear. Write notes about your notes, neatly in the margin. Yes, write in your books, add the date and include the instructor/ professors name and title. A “good” place to include that information, is in the front of the book. Those blank pages.

[ Highlighters ] I bought you highlighters in an assortment of colors, are you using them?

[ Permanent Markers]

Using permanent markers are “great”, develop a meaning for your colors. 

[ Post It Notes] 

Remember all the things you can use these for. I already told you what I like to use them for…dividing your chapters. 

The Science of Making the Grade

Don’t Loose Points!
Remember in High School when you were taking that class without a book? What was it, Anatomy right? Loosing easy points can affect you final grade. Your GPA could drop. An A- could become a B+. Are you following your grades. By the way, what is your GPA?

Fraternizing & Studying

I hope you are making friends, but don’t spend to much time fraternizing, unless its a student that is making the grades. Try to get invited to a “good’ study group. Are you spending time studying in the Library? You know that is where to find all the smart kids.

How to Study
Study every day. Reread your notes often. When you think you know the subject matter; quiz yourself. It would be nice to ask a study partner to quiz you. Maybe you’ll find one at the library. Your going to try yo find one, right? It will benefit you. You know that.
Getting tutoring is also an option. If you need it, will you do it? Do you know where to find a tutor? Personalized Tutoring ?

Look Forward, Your Next Semester

When is the new class catalog coming out ? What do you want to take next semester? Have you talked to your academic advisor? Try not to take all hard classes in one semester. Pace yourself.

Daily Routine & Goals

Self Care: Take Care. Taking care of yourself and making the grades starts with good habits; having a daily routine will help. Create a schedule, include your goals short term and long term. This will help in the tough spots. Why an I doing this. [ Life plan & Daily Goals].

A New Package Deal

Moms’ way: I’ll get together a “wellness package” for you. I’ll send it to your box number. Will it be safe? 

New Innovation: 

Amazon Locker

[ Lock it Up] A new, better way.

Oh, I can send directly from Amazon, to an Amazon Box, Really? That sounds, nice. Wow! A Yellow locker…Amazingly convenient. Safe & Secure. 

Tell me more…

Money Story

Do you need cash? Remember small bills and change is “Good” to keep on hand. Your credit card is only for emergencies only. Do you want that roll of quarters? I think I have some ones. 

Our Time Together

It’s been nice talking to you. Remember. Work hard; It will pay off.

Note to Self

Should I send you a note, so you remember what we talked about? I will. It will be helpful. Read it!. Refer Back to it. You’ll be changing your sheets weekly and your blanket….Are you listening? Hello, It’s me, Your Mother.

Note to self, It’s time to “grow-up”. [ Write it on A Post-It Note]. Other notes will include. “Job well done”, and “Your off Duty!” Use your highlighters to Highlight-Wellness techniques. 

Smile! It’s your Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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