Getaway, New England, Oceanfront Estate, A Writers Retreat, Emerson Inn, Escapism Travel, visit Historic, Rockport, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

“Escapism Travel” Coastal New England-Cape Ann coastline. Emerson Inn Rockport Massachusetts Yesterday meets today, a historic destination with modern amenities. Stay at this hotel, Emerson Inn. Charming tails, happen when you seek and find, a haven. This writer’s haven will inspire you. Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was from Boston, Lived in Concord. Massachusetts On Location: North…

Land & Sea. See. Seek. Go. Gather. Collect. Retreat. Escape. Seascape. Coastal Affair, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Land & Sea. See. Seek. Go.Gather. Collect. Retreat. Escape. Seascape. Coastal Affair, Afar.Victoria Island, British Colombia. Escapism Travel. To The Sea…Go There.  Travel North America, by Land or Sea Victoria Island, British Colombia “Coastal Affair” Photography Diana Serafini * Note: If you are traveling internationally do not collect anything but pictures and purchased souvenirs.