A Getaway Destination You Can Call Home, A Park Model Trailer-Shop, Forest River Inc.

Getaway-Extend Your Stay-Invest in a Park Model Trailer

Tiny House Living- Destination Trailer-Getaway Home-Save Time And Money, buy a Park Model Destination Travel Trailer.

Introduction: What is a park model trailer, and why would I want one? Tiny house living has become a hot trend, but building your own tiny home will take time and money. Before you build, consider potential issues.( Question, would your tiny house qualify as a home, meaning would you be able to legally register is as a home. Parking it on a property with a existing home may be illegal).

As RV dreams are changing, evolving-Park Model trailers, are relatively spaces and economical.

Park Model Trailer-( Destination Trailer) A park model travel trailer, is a recreational vehicle, RV, that would be delivered to and parked, at a single destination.

Purchasing a Destination, Park model trailer can be a huge money saver, if you consider RV size verses cost. In the RV industry class A motorhomes, coaches, are the” Mac Daddy”of caravans, but high end coaches can be pricey. Surprising, class C, truck caravan combos also can be expensive; how much space will you have to give up? A Destination trailer is an ideal choice for a, getaway, rustic retreat, or second home. Although models will range in cost-Expect the sticker price to be in the low 50’s, 50k.-Building a tiny home would likely be comparable in cost.

Time as a Value-If time is a factor-Units are available today.

Common Sense Consumer Tips

  1. Legality-Research-How to register a park model Trailer? Keep notes.
  2. For a Person/to Person Chat. Go to your local RV retailer, ask questions.
  3. Research Potential Destinations, RV Parks, before you purchase a unit.
  4. See it for YourselfIf you can not find your dream unit at your local RV dealer-seek out your ideal unit. Shop Around.


Industry Leader: Forest River Inc., Cabin & Modern styled Park Model trailers

Forest River Inc, is certified “Green”, choose to Live Green.

“Forest River Park Model Division manufactures products under the Quailridge andSummit brand names. Both product lines offer a wide selection of loft and non-loft floorplans and come standard with high end amenities and features such as residential appliances, thermopane windows, tongue and groove floor decking, OSB sheathing, house wrap, 30-year architectural shingles, and life-time vinyl siding.
Forest River Park Model Division also manufactures our America’s Park Cabin line of park models and campground rental units. These are designed with ‘cabin-like’ amenities and features, including cedar log exteriors, metal roofs and cedar or pine tongue-groove panelling, combining an elegant rustic atmosphere with modern comforts and amenities”. From Forest River Inc.

Feature. Forest River’s Park Models trailers-

Exterior View


Interior View

Exterior View-Construction Features

Our Park Models are built to last!

If your “digging it”go to the source-Forest River Park Models Trailers is just one division of Forest River Inc. Although you may be able to find a park model trailer at your nearest RV retailer, you may want to seek out an RV show to experience the real feel of a park model. Tampa, Florida, holds the title for largest, annual, expo show. If your in the market, be a seeker…Tour the RV retail circuit, here or there.

Visual Inspiration 

A Getaway Destination You Can Call Home-1).Rustic Cabin Style Park Model-parked at or near a lake. 2). ( Seaside Cottage) Modern Park Model -parked near the beach.

( Options are available-a variety of floorplans, styles, with or without lofts, color fabric options).

Forest River has the credentials…Go to the source Forest River Inc. http://www.forestriverinc.com/

Forest River Park Trailers - Built to Last

All pictures and information presented was found at Forest River’s website. ( July, 11 2016) http://www.forestriverinc.com/. The intent of the post was to create awareness to tiny house alternatives, that are  legally viable, hassle free. Blog Post from Gypsy Living Traveling In Style serafiniamelia.

One thought on “A Getaway Destination You Can Call Home, A Park Model Trailer-Shop, Forest River Inc.

  1. It sure got my attention when you explained that park models are recreational vehicles that are delivered and parked at a single destination to serve as houses. To be honest, I know nothing about park models prior to reading this article. I became interested in it after my sister told me about it, but she did not elaborate on the matter. Now I think it is a good idea if we have one for our camping. Thank you for sharing.

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