” A Social Butterfly” Be Inspired. A Versatile Venue,” Moving Business”, Caravan Comfort Station

Gypsy Caravan, European Cargo Truck,” Moving Business”

“Classic Lines and Good Times, Lets’ Roll”

Story and Photography by Diana Serafini

Entertaining Ideas

Whether you are planning your next entertaining event; or considering building a vintage caravan, be inspired by classic styling. How cool is a vintage cargo truck.


Venue Styling 

” Moving Business”, This classic cargo truck is versatile, a moving opportunity. Cool Ideas, make them real. Design your gypsy caravan. 

Grand By Design

Parking Zone 

Service ready moving business, makes an ideal catering truck, or fashion the cargo truck as a “food truck”, and serve your favorite “street food”.

Cargo Space

No need for a service truck; make use of the cargo space….

utilize your space for party supplies, storage. Keep things cold, add a large refrigerator.

Comfort Station 

Comfort by Design. Create a haven, a comfortable space, green room. Wedding Idea. Bathroom Facility. Add a camp toilet and a vanity.

Caravan Styling

Personal Space, a Travel Haven.

Road Trip, Convert to a sleeping caravan, that is road trip ready.

Touring Bus, Ready set Travel, extended or impromptu travel will be more comfortable. Design a comfort space that is ready to roll, when you are. 

Rally Bound

This interesting truck could be rally ready. Create, a show and tell classically inspired motorhome. Collect curiosities, including vintage lighting and textiles. Create a show stopping space that is a classically cool, timeless haven.

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