L’art du jour, Art of the Day. On Exhibit Colour. Auction, The Colourists: A Collective, Collection. The Harrison Collection, Upcoming Auction, Sotheby’s, June 12, 2018

L’art du jour, Art of the Day

Sotheby’s Auction. June 12, 2018
The Colourists: Pictures from the Harrison Collection

George Leslie Hunter

George Leslie Hunter
oil on canvas
40.5 by 50.5cm., 16 by 20in.

Art in the collection

Auction : On Exhibit 

George Leslie Hunter, Houseboats, Loch LomondGeorge Leslie Hunter, Houseboats, Loch Lomond

Painted in 1915 Reflection is a masterpiece by Cadell .pngFrancis Campbell Boileau Cadell, Reflection

George Leslie Hunter, The Bay, Juan-les-PinsThe Bay, Juan-les-Pins Hunter


“The Bay, Juan-les-Pins is one of the finest works by Hunter to ever come to the market. Painted during an extended stay in the South of France the painting boldly captures the intense colour and joie de vivre of the Côte d’Azur which Hunter declared was ‘painter’s country’” Sothebys

New to world of art, experience life through art. Become a collector. Vivez la vie- Experience Life.

Vivez la vie- Experience Life


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Sale Number: L18418 Lots : 31


The Source: Sotheby’s

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